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Pelican - Internet Enabled Thermostat - TSeries

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The Pelican Internet-Enabled Thermostat provides commercial customers with virtual climate management. The TS200 delivers accurate temperature management, leading-edge energy efficiency, built-in safeties, and alarming, and fine-tuned comfort. Coupled with the Pelican Web App, the TS200 tracks space temperature and HVAC operational data in real-time and historically. All information is displayed in real-time online and is viewable on any Internet-connected device.

MESH WIRELESS NETWORK - The TS200 communicates wirelessly with a GW400 to reach the Internet. Each TS200 has built-in state-of-the-art wireless mesh network communication and repeating.

FAULT ALARMING - Built-in system and space analytics with automated email or text message alerts when a fault is detected.

WEB APP - Virtual and central management of TS200 is available on all smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Directly manage thermostats through a web browser. Designed for intuitive control over multiple thermostats.

HISTORICAL TREND DATA - Online viewable historical data of space temperature, setpoints, HVAC demand, and fan demand.

INSTALLATION - Industry-standard HVAC terminals utilize existing thermostat wires. Included with TS200 is Pelican’s innovative limited wiring relay pack (WM500) used in applications where there are only three (3) wires to the HVAC unit.

SCHEDULING - Through the Pelican Web App you can schedule the TS200 thermostat for daily, 5-2, or 7-day schedules. Thermostats can also be scheduled as groups, for simple multi-thermostat management