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Fabric Ducts - Warehouses & Industrial

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Climatizing a warehouse with Fabric Ducts offers the benefits of easy washdown and the ability to change trajectory if the layout or arrangement within the space changes.

Fabric Ducts in Industrial settings provide the benefit of a more hygienic environment, anti-static fabrics, lightweight materials, and speedy installation.

For this application, we use our Benelux fabric duct which has a 6.19 oz/yd2 Permeable Medium Weight

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Why Fabric Ducts?

Fabric Ducts are conductors and air dispersers, made from synthetic fibers, adaptable to any space, application and site that requires air in comfortable conditions, whether it is evaporative air, air conditioning, ventilation or any combination of the previously mentioned, which achieve a homogeneous dispersion of airflow.

Each project is unique and designed in a personalized manner to respond to the requirements of each project. The design and manufacture of fabric ducts is performed with technical support in fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, technical textiles and automated machinery, allowing the fabric ducts to be hygienic, safe, practical, light and highly adaptable.

Easy Installation

Installation is easy, fast and economical. The assembly process takes 3 to 6 hours depending on where it will be installed and the size of the project, and typically only requires 2 people. We provide all the materials required for installation.

Best Textiles

Our Benelux textile is elaborated with polyester fibers that make it a suitable material for industrial facilities because of its durability. It is a 100% washable material and satisfies all hygienic requirements and standards with its antibacterial treatment.