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Pelican - Wireless Extended Range Repeater - WR400 Series

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The Pelican Wireless Repeater provides an extended wireless range to help bridge Pelican’s wireless in weak areas. It bridges long distances, eliminating dead spots, especially when establishing communication between two buildings. While most sites will not require repeaters, they are available to ensure reliable communication when needed.

MESH WIRELESS NETWORK: State-of-the-art wireless mesh network extension bridge for the Pelican mesh network. Auto-connects to Pelican GW400 and other Pelican devices. The repeater has twice the range of a Pelican Thermostat.

LARGE SCALE COMPATIBLE: Can be used as a wireless bridge between buildings.

COMPACT: Small device that only needs a single electrical outlet. Does NOT require an Ethernet connection.

ENCRYPTED: All wireless communication is AES-encrypted for the highest level of security.