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Permanent 1/4 Inch Pre-Filters for Electronic Air Cleaners (EAC)

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Are you looking to replace those flimsy, fragile aluminum mesh pre-filters that came with your Electronic Air Cleaner (EAC)?  Have they become hopelessly clogged with dust?  Or maybe they just fell apart.  Well, we have the solution.  Upgrade to our permanent, washable pre-filters.  The best part is they are electrostatic and made from polypropylene instead of aluminum mesh (or mush).  All of our pre-filters are 1/4 inch thick and available in custom sizes.  They are made to slide into the groove in front of the metal plates on your EAC. 

Independent testing shows that using a higher efficiency, washable, electrostatic pre-filter will significantly enhance the working efficiency of your Electronic Air Cleaner without affecting the air flow requirements. In addition, your air cleaner is able to perform more effectively for longer periods before needing cleaning. 

Consider adding a set of 4 activated carbon after-filters to your order. These after-filters are not washable and should be changed every 4-6 months when the carbon reaches it's odor trapping saturation point. The after-filters come in 4 packs. Each 4 pack should last 18-24 months.  These filters are effective at removing airborne odors and capturing ash "brush-off" from the EAC plates.