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ARO-CAR by Aromely - Bringing your favorite fragrances anywhere

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Tired of having to leave your favorite aroma at home? Enjoy your favorite scents anywhere with ARO-CAR — a stylish, portable and rechargeable car diffuser that infuses freshness just about anywhere. Give it a try today!

  • COLD AIR DIFFUSION TECHNOLOGY- Enjoy consistent diffusion of essential oil with no dripping or leaking. The cold air diffusion technology transforms the essential oil into very fine, dry nanoparticles for more consistent coverage while maintaining the purity of the scent.
  • SAFE FOR PETS, CHILDREN, AND FURNITURE- Aromely portable diffuser is the best essential oil diffuser for your car. It uses a nebulizing system that doesn't require heat or water.
  • NO RESIDUE- Unlike traditional diffusers that leave a residue on everything around them, ARO-CAR by Aromely diffuses essential oils without any mess. Its Nebulizer technology breaks down all particles into micro molecules so there's no need for cleanup.
  • EASY TO INSTALL, PLUG IN AND PLAY- Looking for a relaxing way to make your car smell amazing? ARO-CAR by Aromely uses only one button operation and requires no assembly. Simply unbox and start enjoying it.