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Diversitech Condensing Unit Pad | 3 in. thick | Lightweight Concrete

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The UltraLite® UC1636-3 is a 16x36x3 lightweight concrete composite equipment pad designed to support condensers, heat pumps, and other outdoor equipment. UltraLite® is strengthened by miles of fiber in each square foot of fiber-cement coating which also provides excellent resistance to cracking or breaking. The concrete outer skin and EPS foam inner core provide flexibility and vibration dampening. The solid bottom provides excellent resistance to settling. This product is made by DiversiTech®.


Since UltraLite® is a lightweight product, it is easy for handling tasks on site. It is one of the lightest equipment mounting products available today.

Tested to Strict Standards

The Ultralite® pad performs extraordinarily well under strict testing criteria. It does not craze, soften, or delaminate. Ultralite® has a proven resistance against R-22 and R-134a, compressor oil, salt solution, and synthetic canine urine.


The Ultralite® lightweight concrete pad is specifically engineered to have long-term exterior weather resistance.

Textured Surface

Prevents equipment sliding

Vibration Absorbing

The engineered polystyrene core in the UltraLite® lightweight concrete pad absorbs and dampens vibration associated with normal operation of a condensing unit.

Freeze and Thaw Resistant

Water vapor evaporates through the UltraLite®, preventing the expansion of cracks.

Flame Resistant

The UltraLite® is resistant to heating caused by the compressor. Additionally, the surface is resistant to heat from incidental torch flame during site installation.

Outside Storage

Since the UltraLite® is designed for life outdoors, it is suitable for outside storage prior to the site installation.