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Madelyn Carter

Madelyn Carter Artisan Vintage Baseboard Register

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Many older homes, especially in the north, have gravity heating systems that have large, triangular baseboard registers that have become hard to find. Finally we have a solution for these homes.

The Madelyn Carter Vintage Baseboard Registers are available in 2 Sizes: 15" x 12" and 13" x 12", 2.5" deep at the base and 1" at the top. Comes in two pieces (sold as one unit) a baseboard frame and register insert (with damper). Simply mount the frame to your wall using the provided 3" screws and then install the insert with damper using the two 1/2" screws.

  • Available Finishes:
    • Matte Black is a striking, versatile finish that bridges traditional and modern styles.
    • Textured White Finish - A clean, crisp finish that is a bright "primer" white with a light texture for durability.
  • Available in 2 Sizes:
    • Overall Size: 15" x 12" Duct size: 12" x 8" - Projection: 1" Top - 2.5" Bottom
    • Overall Size: 13" x 12" Duct size: 10" x 8" - Projection: 1" Top - 2.5" Bottom