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Mitsubishi - Wireless MA Remote Controller - PAR-FL32MA-E

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Model: PAR-FL32MA-E

• Used in conjunction with PAR-FA32MA MA Remote Controller Receiver.

• Maximum signal receiving distance is approximately 22’ (7m).

• Maximum signal receiving angle is approximately 45° to the left and right of center.

• Install a minimum of 3’ (1m) away from a television or radio.

• Controls group operation for up to 16 indoor units in am single group.

• Supports both Fahrenheit and Celsius.

• User Functions allows user to set:

- On/Off

- Set Temperature

- Operation Mode (Heat, Cool, Dry, Fan, Auto [R2-Series only])

- Fan Speed setting

- Airflow direction (depending on indoor unit)

• Range of set temperature depends on the indoor unit:

- Cool/Dry: 67°F to 87°F / 19°C to 30°C

- Heat: 63°F to 83°F / 17°C to 28°C

- Auto: 67°F to 83°F / 19°C to 28°C

• On/Off timer: One On/Off setting for one day.

• Function Lockout: Individually prohibits all functions of each remote controller.

• Grouping: Can only be used in same group with PAC-YT53CRAU-J Simple MA Remote Controllers, PAR-33MAA-J Deluxe MA Remote Controllers, and other wireless receivers with up to two remote controllers per group. Wireless remote controller cannot group indoor units served by separate outdoor units.

• Dimensions: 2-1/4” W x 6-1/4” H x 3/4” D (58 x 159 x 19mm).