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Mueller Copper Tube Roll

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Product Description: 

Streamline® Service Coils, ACR/Nitrogenized straight-length or line set copper tube for use in refrigeration applications. 

Available sizes ranging from 1/8” to 8-1/8” in outside diameter. All tube should be manufactured in the United States. 


Streamline® Copper Tube is manufactured from UNS C12200 grade of copper. 

Key Specifications: 

Streamline® Copper Refrigeration Service Coils, ACR/Nitrogenized straight lengths and line sets are made to meet the chemical, mechanical, cleanness, and eddy current testing requirements of the applicable specification of ASTM B280. Streamline® copper tube is third-party verified in select sizes1 through Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for operating pressure of 700psi at 250°F. 


Installations shall comply with the latest applicable building codes for the local jurisdiction. For detailed installation instructions, consult the Copper Development Association at