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Royal Dreams - Inspired by: Westin Hotels®

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Inspired by: Westin Hotels® 

Inspired by the refined comfort and tranquility of Westin Hotels®, our essential oil blend emanates a truly restorative and purifying fragrance.

It begins with the serene scent of white tea, known for its calming properties, and the rejuvenating freshness of aloe vera. A zesty dash of ginger imparts a vibrant, energizing kick that perfectly balances the soothing top notes.

The heart of this beguiling blend reveals a soothing melody of warm cedarwood, enriched with the lush sweetness of vanilla and a subtle, resinous touch of amber. This harmonious union crafts a full-bodied, inviting aroma that feels like a comforting embrace.

As it settles, the aroma unveils base notes of elegant lily, creamy sandalwood, and alluring musk. These lend a lasting richness to the fragrance, an unforgettable imprint of serene luxury.

This meticulously curated essential oil blend is not just a fragrance; it's a sensory experience that cleanses your atmosphere, revitalizes your wellbeing, and imparts a profound sense of uplifting tranquility. Indulge in the essence of luxurious relaxation and let the aroma transport you to the unruffled peace of a Westin Hotel sanctuary.

Top Notes - White Tea, Aloe Vera, Ginger
Middle Notes - Cedarwood, Vanilla, Amber
Base Notes - Lily, Sandalwood, Musk