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Madelyn Carter

Steel Artisan Vent Covers - White

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Steel Artisan Vent Covers will bring timeless elegance to any room. Crafted with quality steel and finished in a classic white hue, each cover is an exquisite piece of art that will adorn any home's décor with sophistication and style. Enjoy the luxury look with these Rustic-inspired vent covers.

Steel Artisan Vent Cover - White


White - The white finish, is a textured, bright white. A crisp, clean finish, the textured white is perfect to match trim or blend in with walls and complement any décor style.

Timeless Design

The Artisan design is ideal in a farmhouse style or a craftsman style amongst others. It is sometimes referred to as a mission style. Add the finishing details to your home with a set of these long-lasting, rust-resistant covers.

High-Quality Vent Cover

Combining quality materials and innovative design, this contemporary vent cover complements modern, clean designs in any space. It includes sturdy adjustable dampers and a beautiful, long-lasting finish that lasts for years. Control your airflow and elevate your home with this register.


Includes mounting spring clips to mount as a wall vent cover or as a floor vent cover to ensure an ultra snug fit.

Solid Steel Core

With a sturdy steel interior and heavy-duty metal dampers, this floor register boasts strength and longevity. You can use this vent cover in high-traffic areas of your home or office without worrying about dents or scratches from shoes or furniture.

Control Air Flow

  • Adjustable dampers for customizable air flow control.
  • Strong metal dampers that are not directional and can turn the air flow on or off.